sites of our community members & OTHER resources




  1.   City of Boulder - Liquor Licensing

        - all things related to your liquor license in Boulder. Forms, laws, training schedules, etc.

  1.   Colorado Department of Revenue - Liquor Division

        - all things related to your Liquor License with the State of Colorado

  1.   Colorado Revised Code

        - a listing of all Colorado laws & regulations


  1.   B.A.R.S. Program

        - I.D. Self-Checking Service

  1.   BevIntel

        - Hospitality profit solutions; solutions for liquor inventory management.

  1.   Boulder Chamber of Commerce

  1.   Boulder Convention & Visitors Bureau

  1.   Colorado Restaurant Association (CRA)

  1.   CURJ - CU Restorative Justice Program

        - a program designed to give students with alcohol related tickets (Minor In Possession, Fake ID, etc.) a chance to clear their record via a forum of student offenders, victims, and affected community members to come together to identify the harms that were caused by a student’s actions and determine the best method for repairing those harms.

  1.   Downtown Boulder Inc. (DBI)

  1.   Fake ID Training

  2. -A high intensity programs focusing on the manufacture, integrated security features, & recognition of Fake IDs. Three separate programs exist: 1 hour lecture, 3 hour lecture, & full-day hands on training with the IDs. Contact us today for schedule & pricing options!

  1.   The Guest Check

         - Guest Check specializes in helping hospitality industry businesses to measure & maintain the quality of effectiveness of guest services and physical property management.

  1.   Self Solutions, Inc.

        - all of your food safety training needs with Trainer Joe Self


        - your complete needs for Responsible Alcohol Training in Boulder. Over 13,000 servers trained & counting. Incredible references, unmatched benefits, & free violation mitigation consulting.

  1.   Yellow Cab