A bold, new Concept for Boulder - A cooperative effort between bar owners, community and governmental members to self-regulate, and re-invent the Hospitality Community. "If we work together, we can all thrive, and make Boulder a safer place to live, work and play." _________________________________________________________________________________

  1. RHG works closely with the Boulder Police Department’s liquor enforcement officer, Carlene Hoffmann, the City of Boulder’s licensing clerk, Mishawn Cook, and community partners, such Downtown Boulder Business Improvement District (DBI), Boulder Convention and Visitor’s Bureau and the Colorado Restaurant Association, all of whom also attend our monthly meetings

  1. RHG attends all Beverage Licensing Authority hearings, and presents a summary of the group’s activities to the BLA members as well as submitting meeting minutes and attendance records on a monthly basis for their review

  1. RHG participates in outreach meetings for new licensees and offers mentorship and counseling to all existing licensees and members

  1. RHG representatives are members of AACT, a campus-community coalition on alcohol issues, as a community stakeholder

  1. RHG members volunteer with the CU restorative justice program’s fake ID conferences, since their conception

  1. RHG partnered with CU community health on a poster campaign to both curb binge drinking and lessen the negative impacts of alcohol related behaviors (SHEA)

  1. RHG has invited Dr. Donald Misch, Asst Vice Chancellor for Health and Wellness at CU to speak at monthly meetings and present his research and data on AOD use

  1. In conjunction with Officer Hoffmann and Mishawn Cook’s Office, RHG helped promote and endorsed a State LED Standards for Sellers and Servers of Alcohol training last year that will become a bi-yearly training for local licensees

  1. Expand membership by 45% over the past two years (2011& 2012).

  1. Continuing education for new licensees and applicants.

  1. No drink specials on CU Graduation morning in order to discourage binge drinking.

  1. Collaboration with the COURAGE program, on Watch your Drink Campaign re: predatory drugs.

  1. Promoting responsible "safety" advertising in order to educate the college populous about alcohol related issues, such as drunk driving and date rape.

  1. Poster campaign from CCASA, which addresses rape.

  1. Created and currently promoting Best Practices for Private Parties by licensees.

  1. Provide fake ID and door staff seminars.

  1. Educational support for licensees with past violations.

  1. Provide information about current trends in the industry.

  1. Consensus to surrender confiscated ID’s to Boulder Police within 72 hours.

  1. "Cops In Shops" - A cooperative program between bars and the police.

  1. Act as Role Models for the rest of the industry.

  1. Act as a resource for the Boulder Beverages Licensing Authority.

  1. The Hill Cab Stand